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Bathing Tips

Effectively Bathing 'Fido' at Home

Bathing your pet at home can be a real chore without the proper equipment, product and know how! Following are a few tips to help you successfully bathe your pet at home with minimal frustration and disappointment.

  • NEVER EVER bathe a matted dog! Remove all tangles with a brush and comb before the bath.

  • Always bathe in lukewarm to cool water. Using hot or very warm water can serve to open up oil glands in the dogs skin, producing an oilier coat, which in turn collects dirt and dust faster.

  • Bathing in cool water is sometimes best for dogs with skin irritations or allergies.

  • If you are using a specialty, prescription or medicated shampoo, please follow the manufacturers directions. These shampoos MUST be left on the dog 5-15 minutes, to be effective. Ideally, after shampooing, place your pet in a Pet Taxi or other portable kennel, to sit out the designated time.

  • Try and use a mild baby shampoo on his face and head. That way, if any gets in his eyes, it won't be as irritating as regular shampoo. While you have him suds up, take the opportunity to give him a little massage. Not only is this relaxing for a dog, but it can help you detect any lumps or bumps that may need your vets attention. Be sure and clean his feet, pads and nails too.

  • RINSE RINSE RINSE!! Many times, dry, itchy skin is the result of not thoroughly rinsing after the bath. A good rule of thumb is to rinse twice as long as you lathered. So, if you lathered him up for two minutes, rinse him for four. It may seem like a long time to rinse, but the few extra minutes will save you and Fido alot of headaches (and itches) later on. Rinsing thoroughly in the coolest water possible is beneficial.

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