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Effectively Brushing 'Fido' at Home

"But he can't possibly be matted, I brush him every day!"

The reason he's still matted even after you brush him daily, is because the brush itself is the wrong kind for his coat, or because you haven't been able to get to his skin to effectively remove dead coat, undercoat and/or tangles.

Effectively brushing your pet at home can be accomplished with some time and patience. Following are a few tips for brushing your pet at home successfully.

! Reality Check ! If you can't get a comb through from the skin straight out, with no resistance, then you have a matted pet to some degree.

  • Grooming time is not play time! Don't confuse your pet by trying to groom him on the floor, if you play with him on the floor. Separate grooming time and area from play time and area. Put him up on a table, bar, washer, whatever is up off the floor.
    (Common sense warning: don't leave him unattended anytime he is not on the floor.) If he protests at first, just be a little firm with him, and always reward good behavior.

  • Start bushing from the bottom, and work your way up, detangling as you go. Comb thoroughly after brushing to detect any matting or tangles you may have missed with your brush.

  • Remember that you are brushing the coat and not the skin, although you want to get down TO the skin. Too much pressure on a brush, or brushing repeatedly in one area, can cause skin irritations, commonly called 'brush burn'.

  • Lastly, NEVER EVER bathe a matted dog. The matting acts like a sponge to soak up water, soap and debris and prolonged dampness can irritate the skin. Not only can a matted coat not be thoroughly cleaned, it can take a very long time to dry completely. So, always be sure your pet is dematted and tangle free before the bath.

Regular, effective brushing will be rewarded with a clean, happy, well maintained dog, along with lower grooming prices when he needs a new 'do'!!

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