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Why It's Important To Curb Your Pet

Curbing Your Pet

I know, I know…who wants to put soggy paws in the car on the way to the groomers?  However, our busiest clean up days are rainy days when pets have not been allowed to relieve themselves before they are whisked away for their spa day! 


We are fortunate enough to have a little yard in the front to allow those extra few minutes after arrival to let Fido empty out before checking in for grooming.  Not only does it keep clean up times down, but is much more comfortable for your pet.  Because most dogs are housebroken, it can be distressful for them to try and hold it as long as they can while in the shop.  Some are more successful than others.  And some pets will give clear signals that they NEED to go out NOW.  We appreciate those guys!  But not all will, which leads to clean up time as well as a dog that feels really bad about not being able to hold out anymore.  We usually try and take dogs out for a quick potty run before they get in the bath, but that can sometimes be a while, after they arrive.

We (and your dog) really do appreciate when you take the few minutes for morning potty time at either your house or ours!

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