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With so many choices, we can help you choose the right one!

There are lots of great shampoos out there (I personally avoid anything from Hartz or Sargents) and conditioners.


In spite of what the bottle may say, there is NO, I repeat, NO shampoo or conditioner that is going to magically ‘de-tangle’ your pets’ coat! Sometimes you can find good pet shampoos and or conditioners at Ross or Tuesday Morning. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one out there. (Although if you want to go all out, Isle of Dogs (I Love Dogs, see what they did there??) makes a wide variety of nice shampoos and work well.


While a sponge is NOT a good thing ON your dog, using a sponge to effectively wash your dogs face, and around the eyes, IS a good thing! It goes without saying, don’t get any shampoo their eyes, and a sponge will help you control where the suds are going in those sensitive areas. You can also safely use a tearless baby shampoo on the face if you are more comfortable with that.


If you are using special shampoos from your vet or other medicated shampoo that need to soak on the dog for 10 or 15 minutes, be sure and set your timer for that. Ten minutes with a wet dog in a bathtub can seem like forever, but it is essential to allow the shampoo to do its job. (Thank goodness for smart phones, huh?) It’s also better to use tepid water or cooler, as this also will be more comfortable for the dog.


And now what? That’s right…rinse, rinse, rinse…then rinse some more. Be mindful that rinse water will carry that shampoo down the sides and onto the belly area, so be sure and rinse that belly thoroughly as well. And what dog doesn’t love a standing belly rub!

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