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Grooming Tools

The right tools for the trade


Should you decide that you just love, love that long, fluffy, doodly coat and are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to maintain it, here are a few pointers.


You will simply need a good brush and a good comb. Be prepared to spend a little extra to get the tools that will work best and make your labor much easier for the both of you! We would suggest the Chris Christiansen Coral Wide brush, (Big G wide) as the pins of this brush are closer together and they are longer to reach into long coat.


They are ergonomically comfortable to use and will last you a very very long time. We use them everyday, and have forsaken all others. This brush is truly a lifesaver (and coat saver) when it comes to brushing out tangles, matts and longer coats . A little sticker shock here, as this brush will set you back about $60, BUT it is the best one out there.


You will need two types of combs. A large comb with longer teeth, and a shorter one for the shorter areas, like around the muzzle and ears. Good news here, as while the combs groomers have, can range from $20 up to over $100 …each …(crazy, right?), you will do fine with a regular steel comb. Amazon has a set of 2, one long teeth and one short, for under $10..yay! There are also finishing sprays and coat conditioning sprays that you can use, but they are no substitute for good ol’ elbow grease!


If this is something you feel dedicated to, then maybe a fold up grooming table would be a good investment. A simple table with an arm will run you about the same price as that brush! Pets that are accustomed to coming in for grooming will have no problem standing on the table for you, as it is a familiar process for them.

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