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Cocker Spaniel -
Breed Groom Profile

American cocker spaniels were the number one pet in American households for several years running. And it’s easy to see why. Those beautiful big brown eyes, and that happy go lucky attitude that makes cocker spaniels so endeared to their parents. They can also present a coat care challenge to the new parents. There are a wide variety of coat types in this breed. The 'field coat' lays flat on the dog and is fairly sparse in featherings , even to the point of being wispy. This type of coat requires only periodic grooming to round out the feet, clean pads and shave the face and top of the ears.

Other cockers seem to have an unlimited abundance of coat!  Very thick and easily tangled and or matted. These types of coats require frequent grooming to keep the featherings thinned, trimmed and orderly.

There are two basic clips available for the parents of a cocker spaniel to decide upon.

The classic Cocker clip, which is short on the back, head and face, with the skirt and legs, modified to preferred length,  blended into the back and feet trimmed around.  Or, the 'summer clip' is available. 


This is just a short clip all over.  This clip is great for the cocker on the go! Accompanying his family on camping, outings on the lake or jogging every morning!  It is easier to bathe and dry him, as well as to keep a check on ticks and /or fleas,  when he is short all over.   If you decide you like the shorter, utility clip, you can keep him like that all year round. Dogs acclimate to their environment and he won’t freeze to death in the winter! 


Dobermans, beagles and great Danes, for example, have short hair all year around and they are generally outside dogs!  So don’t feel like he needs his coat to keep him warm.  Just remember that if you opt for a long coat, there is a lot of brushing and combing on your part involved.  We will be happy to instruct you on the best tools to use to keep your pet looking and feeling his best. 


Cocker spaniels should be groomed every 5-9 weeks, depending on the coat length you opt for.

Summer Clip
Example of Summer Clip
Classic Clip
Example of Classic Cocker Clip
Bathing Tips
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