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Nail Trimming At Home

How Do I Properly Trim My Dog's Nails?

When you can’t make it to your groomer, this is a DIY for successfully trimming your pet’s nails at home, should

you feel so adventurous !

It is important that you become comfortable with the whole procedure, so that confidence can be transferred to

your dog. And sometimes it’s a good idea to have a nail trim partner to assist! Try to avoid trimming his nails on the floor. A picnic table, on a counter, (safely) atop the dryer, wherever size appropriate and convenient space allows.

Try and handle you pets’ paws on a regular basis, so they will become accustomed to touch and feel.

This video is for filing your dogs’ nails, not clipping them. Accidents will occur at a much higher rate when owners attempt to clip nails with nail clippers, sometimes resulting in minor injury or at least a traumatic experience for either one !

So, this video will show the proper procedure to filing your pets’ nails, safely and successfully.

Obviously, due to the wide variation of size, texture, shape and condition, this may take a longer or shorter

amount of time to complete. 

Best times to file Fido’s nails, is after a bath, while the nails are softer, or after swimming, when the bonus

is that he will probably be tired, and more willing to hear what you have to say.


Don’t force the issue. If at any time you start to feel that you or your pet are just not cut out to do this, we are always available. If your pet should begin to show signs of aggression , be sure and give the groomer a heads up, so we can be prepared to properly and safely handle your pet.

So if you’ve done all the above, and given it the old college try, and STILL it is a combative or awkward state of affairs, then have no fear! That’s what we are here for! Where every day (except Mondays) is a nail trim day! We are happy to offer walk in nail trims Tuesday thru Saturday 11-4. Never on a Sunday.

Of course, the best nail file of all, is regular and frequent exercise, and the mere walking of sidewalk or other rough surface, will usually keep your pets’ nails at a healthy and manageable length.

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